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"Great service. Books were easy to ship and I received my check soon after. "

02/15/2017 | A.T., Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for making it easy and simple! Great first experience on selling books online :)"

02/07/2017 | D.S., Loogootee, IN

"I think that the turnaround time on being notified that the order has been accepted is quite long. By the time I received the email saying that I would receive my money, I thought that the order may have been declined or possibly lost. Then the turnaround time on receiving the check, which I still have not received, is completely absurd. It's been almost 2 1/2 weeks. I may use again, but I think that the time in which it takes to process the sales is awful."

02/07/2017 | C.L., Prairie Grove, AR

"Overall, it was a good experience. The turnaround time is a little long, so some status update emails would be helpful. "

02/07/2017 | J.R., Bellevue, OH

"Sold a communications textbook and paid the highest price from 16 other organizations. This was my first and the process was easy to follow and communication between us was easily followed. I do have my check in hand and I most strongly recommend for any and all sells."

02/07/2017 | J.L., Ellenton, FL

"I got paid as quoted for the books sold to Will use the company again."

02/03/2017 | N.Y., North Hollywood, CA

"Great service, highly recommended"

01/19/2017 | J.D., Noblesville, IN

"Thank you--an easy process, and a successful sale of used books!"

01/17/2017 | A.W., Denton, TX

"Very convenient and speedy pay!"

09/15/2016 | J.H., San Diego, CA

"Thanks for the prompt service."

07/26/2016 | W.D., Mexico, MO

"Took a bit long but fairly smooth. Prepaid shipping labels would be nice."

06/29/2016 | M.B., jupiter, FL

"The process was easy and it didn't take that long to receive my check. I love the free shipping if over a certain amount. It's not a lot of money but it feels like I am getting something without a lot of trouble."

06/28/2016 | K.C., Sykesville, MD

"Best Ever! Easy to work with and fast payment! Thanks!"

03/26/2016 | I.S., Irmo, SC

"The order was acknowledged immediately and I received my check within several weeks of sending the books. This experience was very good!"

03/23/2016 | L.D., Belmont, MI

"Although it took a little while to get the money from the transaction, everything worked out just perfect. Thanks!"

02/24/2016 | C.S., college park, MD

"Great site for selling used books. The website is easy to navigate and the process is very simple. I also appreciate the email updates and I received my check in a timely manner. Highly recommend!"

02/23/2016 | A.C., Valencia, CA

"Great site for selling used books. The website is easy to navigate and the process is very simple. I also received my check in a timely manner. Highly recommend!"

02/23/2016 | A.C., Valencia, CA

"My only wish would be that you accepted more titles."

02/23/2016 | J.W., Fort Valley, VA

"I had some old college textbooks on my bookshelves that i finally decided to part ways with and was about to throw them away, assuming they were too old to still be worth anything, when i heard about your site. I checked the ISBN numbers and to my surprise a couple of them were still worth money. So, I turned my trash into cash. The entire process was smooth and painless. I will definitely be using your site in the future."

02/17/2016 | L.W., PARKVILLE, MD

"Transaction went very smooth. The check came very quick and was correct. I will do more buy backs with SellUsedBooks."

02/17/2016 | K.H., DeBary, FL

"Very easy and simple to use."

02/09/2016 | J.K., Leesburg, VA

"A+ will sell and buy books from this company in the future."

02/03/2016 | E.S., New York, NY

"This was a very positive experience. I thought the process was easy and payment was prompt. I will be recommending this site to my friends and family."

01/26/2016 | L.O., Fort Wayne, IN

"It was very easy to use this site. I got my check promptly. The only thing I didn't like was I had to pay the postage upfront. This meant I had to make a trip to the post office. Other sites let me print a prepaid label and I just drop the box at a UPS store. "

01/12/2016 | C.G., Derry, NH

"very quick and easy to deal with; no hassles and received payment quickly; thank you!!"

01/01/2016 | c.w., Fort Dodge, IA

"This was a great and easy transaction. Thank you"

11/17/2015 | D.T., Roslindale , MA

"Thank you!"

11/11/2015 | h.r., amherst, VA

"This was a fantastic experience. It was fast and extremely easy. I will continue to use this site."

11/09/2015 | C.L., Newburgh, NY

"Very easy to use the website. Excellent customer service. Fast payments made. I recommend this website to everyone."

11/08/2015 | J.H., Tonganoxie, KS

"It was a very easy and positive experience selling my materials. "

10/04/2015 | A.S., Roseville, MI

"Fast fast service. Easy to use system. Best prices by far. Will use again for sure!!! Thank you so much. Karen M"

10/02/2015 | K.M., Fair oaks, CA

"GOod "

09/17/2015 | K.L., Walkersville, MD

"awesome service must use A++++"

09/12/2015 | f.k., glenarden, MD

"All went as said. Better prices than Thank you."

09/11/2015 | D.K., Royal Oak, MI

"Payments may take longer than other book company,but its good working with this company. Wish they had contact number."

09/10/2015 | l.e., BOWIE, MD

"I've been using for years. Once again, they have proved reliable and fast. They even threw in a few dollars bonus for me."

09/01/2015 | D.S., Loma Linda, CA

"Very happy with my experience . It was a very easy process to sell my books through the Internet and Best of all I quickly received my check. Thank you"

08/20/2015 | N.M., Burbank , CA

"Surprisingly easy experience. Will do again!"

08/11/2015 | L.B., Citrus Heights, CA

"Excellent Service!"

08/04/2015 | S.P., Valdosta, GA

"thanks for the great service"

07/17/2015 | S.P., Valdosta, GA

"I Find to Be a Very Useful and Convenient Facility with Fast Paypal Payment Option. "

07/14/2015 | A.N., New York, NY

"Great quick easy transaction, I will definitely coming back to sell more books!"

07/07/2015 | H.B., Auburn, ME

"Good job thanks"

06/13/2015 | J.I., sacramento, CA

"I've used Sell Used before and will use it again - so easy. Thanks"

06/07/2015 | M.K., New Hope, MN

"All I can say is. WOW! This is real. Wish I had known about you long before now. Everything is so easy and worked out superbly well. Thank you for being there. Hope I can find some more books around to use your service again."

05/30/2015 | P.G., Sun City, AZ


05/19/2015 | J.I., sacramento, CA


05/19/2015 | J.I., sacramento, CA

"Good job easiest way to sale my books thanks"

05/19/2015 | J.I., sacramento, CA

"The check arrived very fast and communication was great. I will be back!"

05/18/2015 | R.B., Dublin, CA

"very awesome service will buy back again!"

05/13/2015 | f.k., glenarden, MD

"Very happy with my transaction . Would sell to them again!"

05/06/2015 | J.D., Brooklyn, MI

"Excellent customer service, the whole process was so convenient and I received my check in the mail promptly. Will look forward to doing business with again! "

04/30/2015 | R.C., Saint Paul, MN

"List books, get offer, they pay shipping and you get paid quickly. Simple, easy way to sell your books. Highly recommended!"

04/20/2015 | M.D., Weaverville, NC

"I'm a happy repeat customer - great, safe, and easy way to sell books - Prompt payment - Thanks again!"

04/17/2015 | S.M., Columbus, OH

"This was a great transaction, very quick and easy. Instructions for shipping were very detailed and my payment was deposited in my Paypal account as promised. I plan on doing business with this company again."

04/14/2015 | S.P., Raymore, MO

"Excellent. Love the convenience of pre-printed shipping labels (I like not having to wait to be reimbursed for shipping). Nice buyback prices - better than other similar sites. Thanks!"

04/06/2015 | A.M., BRIGHTON, MA

"It was easy to get the transaction done. Everything was exactly as stated'"

04/05/2015 | T.K., Benton, PA

"Reliable as usual. "

04/05/2015 | D.S., Loma Linda, CA

"I had hoped to get a better price for the books I was selling, but the process was very easy and reliable"

03/24/2015 | M.P., Boca Raton, FL


03/22/2015 | r.m., dover, NH


03/09/2015 | r.m., dover, NH

"I appreciate the ease and quickness of working with"

03/03/2015 | D.M., Lake Oswego, OR

"I am glad that I have found to do with my old books besides letting them collect dust! ! Throwing them out was not an option! Thank you!"

02/20/2015 | M.B., Sumter, SC

"It was very easy to sell my used books with Check came in a reasonable amount of time. Payment comes faster if you ship UPS vs. USPS."

02/18/2015 | J.H., San Diego, CA

"Smooth transaction, good price for books. Thank you!"

02/09/2015 | b.s., bethel park, PA

"I have never used this service before. I was impressed that my textbooks were worth anything. All my books are like new but they are an edition behind. The service was great, the shipping was easy and the check was timely. Thank you!!"

01/27/2015 | T.B., Louisville, CO

"Easy to use and fast"

01/21/2015 | J.S., Roff, OK

"Very easy buyback process. Thank you!"

01/10/2015 | A.C., Gansevoort, NY

"I have used before and all was well very prompt. However, this time took longer than usual, but I did receive a check. I would highly recommend your service. Enjoy the flexibility of sending on line and fast results. Thank you"""

11/25/2014 | L.B., Las Vegas, NV

"You guys were very fast and efficient. Thank you."

11/20/2014 | J.P., Clifton, TN

" Thanks so very much for helping me getting cash for my used books. You guys are the best! :-) Curtis..."

11/20/2014 | C.R., East Orange, NJ

"Excellent Place to Sell Your Books and get paid fast.!! I do recommended .! Thank You.!!!"

11/19/2014 | C.V., Bronx, NY

"My transaction was easy and fast, pleasure doing business with you!"

11/18/2014 | T.D., Colorado Springs, CO

"I was very pleased with the service. The illustrated instructions for packaging the books were very helpful. SellUsedBooks also offered me approx. $7.00 more for my 2 items than other on-line buy-back companies offered. When I had a question, I contacted SUB and they responded early the next morning."

11/18/2014 | E.S., Sioux falls, SD

"received in a reasonable time frame"

11/11/2014 | S.P., Valdosta, GA

"Sell Used Books is the best buy back for books. I think they end up giving you the best price for your book out of all the cash for book web sites. The processes is easy and you'll have your money in hand quickly. I definitely would use Sell Used Books again!"

10/28/2014 | W.C., Reading, PA

"I was pleased with the process. Thanks, George Bright"

10/23/2014 | G.B., Citrus Heights, CA

" was an awesome way to sell back my old textbook online. I was surprised to see how much I was offered and that it was almost the same as how much I payed. You offered me $75 and I payed about $90. That's unbelievable and I didn't even have to look at other sites. "

10/06/2014 | A.F., Miami, FL

"Great transaction and service."

09/28/2014 | M.M., Inverness, FL

"Super fast service and payment. Will definitely use this site more often. I recommend this site to anyone looking for or selling books. Thanks!!"

09/25/2014 | R.W., Youngstown, OH

"I think that one thing that could be improved is the communication via the phone, i tried calling two different numbers and couldn't get in contact with anyone. other than that it was great!"

09/25/2014 | M.C., Elma, NY

"Easy process. Website program worked well. I'm very satisfied with my transaction."

09/25/2014 | P.M., Ontario, CA

"Excellent and timely service."

09/25/2014 | J.V., Alexandria, VA

"I loved using sellusedbooks. It was super fast and easy to complete. I was worried at first about using this site, but I would use this site again and encourage others to use it!"

09/21/2014 | s.b., cross lanes, WV

"Easy, clear process"

09/07/2014 | M.M., Seattle, WA

"Fast, easy and convenient way to sell back used books. So easy to look up amount that each book is worth. All I had to do was pack up the books and drop them off at a UPS drop off. payed the postage and my check arrived promptly. Couldn't have been any easier. Would definitely use again!"

09/05/2014 | S.S., Torrance, CA

"Wonderful service to deal with because of the fast payment and online response to questions. "

08/30/2014 | R.C., Batesville, MS

"Fast, easy, great site to use"

08/25/2014 | T.D., Plant City, FL

"It is an amazing experience. My books were received and processed within 5 to 7 days before which my check goes out. However, i will be glad if my subsequent payments can go out in the mail within 1 to 3 days as this will make an edging competitor among buyback companies. Thank you."

08/24/2014 | V.W., Barrackville, WV

"I received my check payment within a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for business."

08/21/2014 | S.P., Valdosta, GA

"Turned out to be an easy and quick process. I received my check in 1-2 weeks and was happy with the process."

08/19/2014 | A.S., Plano, TX

"This was one of the easiest buybacks I have ever done! I will definitely use this site again!! "

08/19/2014 | S.R., Severna Park, MD

"Had no problems. Quick and easy. "

08/08/2014 | J.C., San Francisco, CA

"It was easy to submit and get payment back within a reasonable amount of time."

08/08/2014 | S.P., Valdosta, GA

"Still have not received PayPal payment since July 15, very poor. "

07/23/2014 | O.A., Gainesville, FL

"Quick, easy and painless"

07/15/2014 | J.S., Naperville, IL

"I was a positive experince in selling my books to They communicated to me quickly when I asked a question and I received my check at a fast pace. "

07/15/2014 | R.C., Batesville, MS

"Great company to work with. They offered great prices for my books and also bought multiple copies of titles, which was great as we are a college bookstore. Thanks again!"

07/07/2014 | J.T., Cambridge, MN

"Very easy to use and very quick on payment via PayPal, I will be looking for more books to sell. I do have plenty that didn't qualify, so it would be nice if the list was more extensive."

07/07/2014 | D.R., MELBOURNE, FL

"Best place to sell books very prompt and efficient in responding and receiving payment"

07/07/2014 | r.s., millsboro, DE