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A. Using
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C. Shipping Information
D. Pricing and Payment
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A. How to use

Why does "No Offer" appear when I try and sell my books?
No offer may appear for a few different reasons. First, we may not have space for your book in our inventory at the moment. We have a limited amount of room to store books, so if we already have multiple copies, we can't currently buy it back. The second reason may be the type of book you are trying to sell. We don't buy certain books. Return to top.

How does My Book Cart work?
My Book Cart is a virtual shopping cart that represents the books we will buy from you. Once the book is in your cart it will automatically be totaled up for you. This cart is also where you can adjust the quantity of books you wish to sell. Return to top.

Should my entire order be sent in one box?
If you chose to ship via UPS, we will provide you with free shipping labels based on weight. If you are shipping via the Post Office, you should ship a separate box for each order. The reason for this is that sometimes the packages do no arrive on the same day, making it a little bit more difficult for us to process your books and to send your payment as quickly as possible. Return to top.

Am I allowed to remove books from My Book Cart?
Of course you are! Simply change the quantity to 0 to remove a book, or you can choose to empty the entire cart. Return to top.

Is it possible to cancel my order?
If your order is not yet completed, simply empty your cart. If it has been placed please sent us an email at Return to top.

What happens to my books don't meet the criteria or condition standards or are not accepted?
If your books don't meet the minimum standards, you may choose to have them shipped back to you at your own expense, within a 45 day window. Return to top.

What is the next step after I have finished adding books to My Book Cart?
You will need to login to your account for the order to be completed. If you don't have an account you will be prompted to create one. Return to top.

Is my personal information secure?
Here at we treat you and your information with the utmost concern. We have a 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that all information under our control will be secure. We would never sell any information to a third party. Return to top.

I have forgotten my password! What do I do?
Not to worry, you will find a button "Forgot Password" on the login page. This can be found on the drop down menu under My Account then click Login. Still having trouble? Email use at Return to top.

I have other technical problems, what should I do?
We are dedic or issues in using our site, please email us at Return to top.

B. Kinds of Books

What kinds of books do you purchase?
We purchase a wide range of books including fiction, non fiction, popular children's books and best-sellers. While we would love to purchase every book, we do have limits do to space and our inventory. Please take a look at the types of books we do not purchase below. Return to top.

What books do you not purchase?
There a few types we don't purchase for various reasons. Listed below is what we will not accept (there may be others we will not accept).
  • Individual parts of a set
  • Advance reading copies, unedited proofs, and/or promotional or "screener" copies of books
  • Solutions manuals
  • Most encyclopedia sets
  • Books with the following words written on them: "not for sale", "not for sale", "review copy" or "free copy"
  • Old computer books
  • Comic books
  • Teacher's or Instructor's editions
  • Older textbooks
  • International edition textbooks (standard U.S. editions only)
  • Reader's Digest books
  • Individual parts of sets
  • Ex-library books
  • Magazines
  • Offensive/explicit material or any Pornography
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I have an audio book I would like to sell. Will you buy it?
We will buy audio books in a CD format. Enter the ISBN of the audio book just like a paper or hardcover book. We can not take cassette tapes because there is a lack of demand for that format. Return to top.

I have a used textbook. Will you buy it?
We most certainly will! We will even purchase some textbooks that your campus bookstore has refused. The best part is, we are open 24/7! Return to top.

I have a collectible and/or vintage book, will you buy it?
If your book is lacking a ISBN, please send us an email at describing the book. To save you time, we do not consider fiction or textbooks dating from 1900 to 1970 vintage. We do look for children's books dating pre-1930 and vintage or collectible books dating pre-1900's. Return to top.

Does the condition of my book matter?
Yes it does. We have a minimum condition that needs to be met for us to buy them. The book needs to be in "Good" or better condition. Books that will automatically be rejected are listed below:
  • Pages that are missing
  • Mildew or other stains
  • Strong odors (such as those from pets or cigarettes)
  • Water damage
  • Broken bindings or broken spines
  • Underlining or highlighting on more than 25% of the pages

If you have a workbook and/or lab or study guide, the pages should be free of writing and unmarked. We reserve the right to determine the condition of the book upon arrival at our warehouse. Return to top.

My book is missing a CD, DVD and/or dust jacket, will you buy it?
No. If your book came with any of the above items it must be sold back with that item attached and in working condition. Return to top.

My book is brand new. Do you pay more for better quality books?
Once the book meets our minimum standard condition of "Good" we do not adjust prices according to condition. If a book fails to meet our minimum standard condition we will hold it for you for 45 days while you arrange to have it shipped back to you at your expense. If we do not hear from you we will recycle the book. We receive so many orders a day, that we do not have time to adjust prices. Return to top.

Will you purchase an ex-library book?
No we will not purchase it. There are no exceptions. Return to top.

Will you purchase books in bulk?
Of course! We often purchase books in bulk, depending on the genre and subject of the book. We will purchase Scholastic children's paperback books and mass market paperback books. The program buys books by the semi-trailer full. Please send us an email at for more information. We have also purchased large quantities of book from colleges and charities. Return to top.

I have more than one copy of the same book, will you buy all of them?
We do have a limit on the number of books we can accept with the same title. The maximum quantity of books is on a rolling 30-day basis from the date on the receipt. If you have more than the maximum number you may email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer assuming we have the capacity for several books of the same titles. Return to top.

What does ISBN number mean?
The International Standard Book Number is a 10 or 13 digit number found on almost every book. You must enter this number, without dashes, if you wish to receive an offer on a book. Return to top.

How do I find my book's ISBN number?
The ISBN can generally be found on the back cover next to the barcode. If you don't see it there you should look on the copyright page (at the beginning of the book, after the title page). If your book was published pre-1970, it may not have an ISBN. Return to top.

Will you buy a book that does not have an ISBN?
Yes we will. If your book is a collectible or a vintage book please send us an email at describing the book. Pre-1970 textbooks are not considered collectible or vintage. However, if you have a children's book that was published pre-1930's or any books that were published pre-1900's we will consider them.

C. Shipping

What steps should I take to ship my books to

1. We recommend you print two copies of the packing slip. One is to be kept for your records and the other should be sent with your shipment.

2. Please pack the books in a sturdy corrugated shipping box that has passed the bursting test at 200 lbs per square inch. Most boxes will have a stamp certifying they can withstand that much weight. A previously used box is encouraged. But please do not send the books in a thin cardboard or a shoe box. Lastly, the box should not weigh more than 70 lbs.Click here for the packing tutorial.

3. The final step is to attach our pre-paid shipping label on the front of the box. You can ship it from your local Post Office. We do recommend buying insurance if the value of the books is over $25. Return to top.

Is it possible to use a different shipping carrier?
Yes you may. If you choose this route, you may pay for the shipping costs. Please use the following address:
My Book Drive, Inc
SellUsedBooks Receiving Dept
2181 Williams Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
Return to top.

Is there a deadline to send in my books?
Yes, you must send in your books within 7 days after you have placed the order. After that time period, our offer is no longer valid. Return to top.

Where do I find a box to ship my order in?
You may buy a new box if you wish. We encourage you to send your books in a clean and sturdy used box. You may find used boxes at your local companies, shopping centers, malls or supermarkets. Sites like>/a> and also have free boxes occasionally. Return to top.

Do I need to pay for postage?
No you don't. To send us your books for FREE, print out our pre-paid shipping label. Return to top.

I didn't remember to print out the FREE shipping label what should I do?
Just sign into your account and click on My Orders. A link to print out your FREE shipping label is located at the top of your page. Return to top.

Is it possible to track my order?
Not yet. We are currently working on that with UPS. Return to top.

I didn't remember to include my packing slip. What should I do now?
If the packing slip is not included, we will not know what price we quoted you. We will assess books at their current market value and issue you a payment. Please note that prices will probably change. Return to top.

I only want to send in some of the books that I originally listed on my packing slip, what should I do?
Just ship the books you want to sell. When you enclose the packaging slip please cross out the books you chose not to include. Return to top.

I included books that were not on the packaging slip, what happens now?
We will assess the extra books at their current market value and include it in your payment. If we can not currently take the books, we will hold them for you for up to 45 days. During this time you may arrange for them to be shipped back to you at your expense. Return to top.

I shipped you an older version of a book under a newer ISBN, what happens now?
When we receive the book it will be flagged by our quality control system. We will then assess at it's current market value. Occasionally the market price will be zero. Return to top.

How long does it take the Post Office to deliver my books?
Generally it takes 2-3 weeks for the books to be delivered. You may choose to purchase insurance or a delivery confirmation from the Post Office. Return to top.

What happens if my package gets damaged?
If you have shipped your items following our guidelines, we will cover the costs. UPS will generally decline insurance if your box burst open, because there was probably a failure to follow the UPS packaging guidelines. Return to top.

Is it possible to drop my books off in person?
Yes of course you can bring them in! Please make an appointment to drop your books off at Return to top.

Will you accept books internationally?
At this time we are unable to accept books from places outside the United States (because of costly shipping). Return to top.

D. Pricing and Payment

How soon will I receive payment for my books?
Once we receive adn process your shipment, we will credit your PayPal within 4 business days. A check will be mailed with in 7 business days. If the books fail to meet the criteria, there may be delays. Return to top.

Is store credit available in exchange for my books?
At this time we are not offering store credit. Return to top.

Are there fees associated with selling my books?
No, we hate hidden fees. You can get a FREE price quote and FREE shipping label for your books. Return to top.

How are book prices determined?
Prices are determined based on the demand for used books. We want to be able to offer the best and fairest prices so we are constantly monitoring the demand. We will not accept a book that is not in "Good" or better condition and we have the right to determine that when we receive your shipment. Return to top.

What does a minimum condition of "Good" mean?
We require our books to be in a minimum condition of "Good." This means a book may look like it has been read. All the pages and covers should be intact. The book should contain all accessories that it originally came with, such as Cds, DVDs or dust covers. It's okay if there is a bit of wear on the spine. Return to top.

I found a better price on a different site. Will you match it?
We strive to have the best prices around, so we will do our best to match the price. Please email us at with the ISBN, the name of the other site, the price you were quoted and we will do our best to match it. Return to top.

How will you pay me?
After receiving and processing your books we will pay you via PayPal within 4 business days or by check within 7 business days. Return to top.

What is PayPal and how does it work?
PayPal is essentially an online service that you can use by providing an email address. You get paid electronically. There are two different options for your money in a PayPal account. You can either choose to spend it at other online locations or transfer it back to your bank account. PayPal will email you with instructions on how to open an account if you don't have one.

We recommend that you choose to be paid through PayPal because it is more secure, easier and quicker than check. If you would prefer to paid by check that is fine too. Return to top.

E. About

Who is
SellUsedBooks is the online book and textbook buyback service of My Book Drive, Inc. We buy back all types of books and textbooks. Return to top.

Why can I trust
With 10+ years of reputable experience, we are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Please check us out on BBB Online. Return to top.